Man Meat

by Swahili Blonde



Swahili Blonde began with Nicole Turley (ex-WEAVE! drummer/vocalist) sitting in a little room amidst a bunch of instruments and recording equipment. After many long nights of experimentation, she happily created the unconventional sounds and compositions that make up Swahili Blonde's debut LP "Man Meat". The album consists of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Turley giving a voice to paralleled realities, vibrant visuals, and mis-matched rhythms and patterns, musical and otherwise.

Alternating between tightly-wound and loose, the result is always funky, as "Man Meat" mines the grooves of Krautrock and Dub, the skronk of 80's No-Wave, and the Post-Punk sensibilities of The Raincoats and The Slits. The seven tracks are playfully driven by rhythm, with drum machines, live drums, and percussion rubbing up against ricocheting guitar melodies, spectral vocal mantras, with interesting sounds both electronic and acoustic. Woven throughout the album are lucid and eloquent guest performances, including guitarist John Frusciante, violinist Laena Geronimo (Raw Geronimo, Dante Vs Zombies), bassist John Taylor (Duran Duran), and multi-instrumentalists Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint) & Michael Quinn (Corridor).

Swahili Blonde live is...
Arianna Basco & Heather Cvar >>> backing vocals
Laena Geronimo >>> violin, bass
Alan Myers >>> drums, percussion
Adam Payne >>> percussion, drums
Michael Quinn >>> guitar
Nicole Turley >>> keyboards, omnichord, vocals
Dante White-Aliano >>> bass, guitar

Man Meat was originally released by Manimal Vinyl (US/EUR) & P-Vine (Japan) in 2010.

It is now available as a digital album and on 12" black vinyl + download with bonus tracks via Neurotic Yell Records.


released August 4, 2010

Songs 1-4, 6 - written by Nicole Turley
Song 5 - written by David Bowie + Carlos Alomar
Song 7 - written by Nicole Turley, John Frusciante, John Taylor

Performed by
John Frusciante > guitar
Laena Geronimo > violin
Stella Mozgawa > live drums, bass, keys, vocals (Red Money)
Michael Quinn > cello, trumpet
John Taylor > bass (Tigress Ritual)
Nicole Turley > drum machine, live drums, handsonic, xylophone, bass, guitar, sitar, keys, organ, vocals

Recorded, Mixed, Produced by Nicole Turley

Mastered by Aaron Funk

Album Art by Nicole Turley



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Nicole Turley Los Angeles, California

Nicole Turley is a musician, recording engineer, and producer based in Los Angeles, CA. She is also the founder of independent record label Neurotic Yell Records.

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