The Bear Eats Me

by Amanda Jo Williams



Amanda Jo Williams always knew she was going to get out of her tiny town of Hogansville, Georgia, she just didnʼt quite know how-- until one day a model scout plucked the gangly, dark haired beauty out of the crowd. Quickly, Amanda had landed amid the buzzing energy of NYC, a place so inspiring she realized she definitely wasnʼt going to sit still for a photographerʼs lens. On a whim, she and a friend hitchhiked up to Woodstock, NY, where Amanda met a man who would bring her two gifts-- the gift of playing music, and the gift of her twin girls. Suddenly, Amanda was recording new songs as fast as she could write them. Finding her calling set her heart afire with new dreams, and the experience, she recounts, felt entirely natural. “It made me feel good, free, and like I could go places I hadnʼt been,” she says.

When she talks, itʼs in a strong southern drawl swirled into a high pitch coo, like a little girl or a fairy nymph. And when Amanda Jo Williams sings, it can sound as soft as a mother singing her children to sleep, or as primal as the call of an Indian across a wild plain. In fact, Native American culture resonates with Amanda, and its heartbeat threads through her sonic landscape. “I think,” says Amanda, “I was an Indian in my past life.”

Upon review of her first record, the critically acclaimed, cult-adored, punkabilly cosmic country offering Yes I Will, Mr. Man, Coke Machine Glow said this: "This is unequivocally the best country album I've heard in years. I get just as much pleasure out of it as I get from Emmy Lou Harris or Gram Parsons or (gasp) Johnny Cash."

Her newest offering, The Bear Eats Me, is chock full of catchy rockabilly band numbers, with multi-layered recordings featuring cherubic choruses and good olʼ honky tonk. Itʼs dusty jukebox rock that will wake the kids in the middle of the night for a boot-stomping, moon-invoking dance party on the back porch.

While the experience of Amanda Jo Williamsʼ music is at once like nothing youʼve ever heard, it sometimes evokes some legendary saucy and soulful comparisons: like Hank Williams Jr., Joanna Newsome, Melanie or June Carter, Victoria Williams and Lucinda Williams as well. When you mention influences though, Amanda shrugs. “Oh, thatʼs nice. I like all those people. Iʼm just being me.”

AJW LIVE > West Coast
Amanda Jo Williams > bass drum, guitar, vocals
5-Track > guitar
Alex Maslansky > guitar
Jef Hogan Buffa > bass
Lauren "Feather" Fay > percussion

AJW LIVE > East Coast
Amanda Jo Williams > bass drum, guitar, vocals
Kevin Killen > guitar, bass, misc
Chris Carlone > drums, percussion

The Bear Eats Me is currently available as a digital album and on limited edition 12" Coke Bottle Green vinyl + free download with bonus tracks - through Neurotic Yell Records.


released June 19, 2012

All songs written by Amanda Jo Williams

Published by Songs of Heydey a/c Gingerhominyjack Publishing (BMI)

Performed by...
Amanda Jo Williams > vocals, rhythm guitar, kick drum
5-Track > lead guitar, male backing vocals
Jef Hogan Buffa > bass
Lauren "Feather" Fay > percussion
Olentangy John > banjo
Abilene Fawn > percussion
Volita Pearl Bioletti > backing vocals

Basic tracks recorded by Mark Wheaton @ Catasonic Studios

Come Or Go, Sunlight, Waiting For You, and all overdubs recorded by 5-Track @ Cat Valley Studios

Mixed, Produced, and Mastered by Nicole Turley

Original artwork by Amanda Jo Williams

Album design by Nicole Turley



all rights reserved


Nicole Turley Los Angeles, California

Nicole Turley is a musician, recording engineer, and producer based in Los Angeles, CA. She is also the founder of independent record label Neurotic Yell Records.

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